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We Are All Flawed


June 2016


Some of you dont seem to be grasping why the people who voted remain are still angry and terrified. Heres a list to explain so you stop telling us to suck it up and get on with it. Another thing i hate is the “ooh everyones a politician all of a sudden”. So are we as a society not allowed to voice a basic or even well informed opinion on current events especially when they effect us so deeply? Is that so ridiculous to you? Also you are most likely smarter than a politician dont lower your self worth.

That link may come in handy.

Whilst reading this please remember the definition of the word SOME. It is very different to the word ALL:

Ill start with the most personal reason to me…


No. Not everyone who voted leave is racist. But we are (especially me being someone of ethnic descent with dark skin) terrified by the large amount of racist views and opinions voiced by a lot of people during the last few weeks. An awful lot of people showed how ignorant they were and its heartbreaking. But what also scares us, is that some of our friends and family members are voicing opinions that sound similair and voting alongside these people. When you say “take our country back” you may be saying it regarding politicians ect. But the lines get blurred when there are other people abusing hard working immigrants that they are “taking their country back” from them and that “they should prepare to go home”. It may not be scary to some of you and as race cardy as this may seem that is because a lot of white people do not have this fear here. Put yourself in our shoes. We get attacked because the colour of our skin or where we come from, we now have reason to be scared just to walk through a main city incase someone physically attacks us based on our skin. These idiots dont know that i was born here or that i am half English. They just see my skin. Thats the reality that has been presented to us. Many times I have experienced racism which is one of the most bewildering and horrifying things to go through. Some randomer hating you and calling you names just because of your colour? It is idiocy at its purest. We have a right to be scared by this and voice our fear that some people we know voted alongside these people for reasons that sound on surface similair. When you are saying “take our country back” all in unison with these people it gives right wing political leaders (across the world now) power even if you dont mean it to. And worst of all the media plays on our fears and prejudices, focuses them and turns them in to more fears and prejudices. Even my old neighbour was going off about immigrants saying they needed to get out and get their own jobs. He was saying this to my mother casually who he somehow didnt realize is an immigrant and is the only reason i am here in the first place. Shes one of the nicest and hardest working people i know. Im also now semi afraid to even post my views now incase i get attacked for them. Which is horrible. Like mental health issues, Its alright saying just get on with racism when its not you its happening to 🙂


Why a lot of us are calling left voters idiots. Aside from the above reasoning this is mainly because a lot of people who voted either were racist, didnt listen to our advice and the truth, they didnt know what they were doing or they just listened to false propaganda set up by bigots such as Farage who has already admitted he lied (as he and a lot of the leave front have done NUMEROUS times in the past). And a lot of people are now apologizing for voting leave and are saying they had wished they had voted differently. This is why we are angry. Because it shows stupidity. We warned them again and again and again that things would go bad, we showed them facts and figures again and again. But they didnt listen and now things are already falling. You would do the same to your friend or a family member if they didnt listen to logical advise and made a bad decision, yes? But this isnt like one of those times. This isnt small scale. This is a change in history its not something we get over easily. You wouldnt apologize to someone after setting them on fire would you. You just dont set them on fire in the first place. Also a lot of people in my life who were asked why they were voting leave gave nonsensical answers some that would make you laugh.

People have been saying the likes of we dont like being told what to do, we need to make britian great again, im a patriot, we need the empire back, eu forces laws on us, we need to blah blah blah which in all honesty is false. Any law the eu has made has been incredibly beneficial to us as a people. Why did you think we are slowly becoming a greener more recyclable society among other things such as workers rights? Britain was doing oryte. Its now wrong. Another thing is some leave voters literally only voted because of immigration without even thinking or acknowledging the devestating problems that would happen to our politics, nhs, economy, farmers, businesses, travel (even though they go to benidorm every year without fail or hassle that they will now face) and education funding. Also their opinions on immigration were ill informed as per the link at the top of the page. They didnt think. What do you call someone who doesnt think? An idiot. May i add Its also annoying how a lot of people are blindly refusing to accept their mistake. Just accept it that things may not have turned out how you wanted.


So this is a tricky one, but it boils down to this. The majority of voters for leave were old. This is blame on both sides as a lot of young people didnt vote to counter this. But the reason we are angry at some old people is that one) they will die soon so should have thought harder than just making a major decision based on false propoganda. Two) a lot of them only made a decision based on false propoganda. This is the truth. Whether your grandparents did it for a sounder reason it doesnt mean that others did too. Ive spoken to old people, seen videos, heard them out and about speaking about this. They dont all have good reasons. Its all very positive thinking “ooh well they cant all have done it just because immigrants” but that doesnt make it easier to swallow. Some grandparents in this country will have old values. I will admit that, as much as i love and miss her, if my grandma was still alive she could probably have voted leave too based solely on immigration even though her daughter-in-law was an immigrant… Hence why we are upset and mad.


This kinda links to name calling but it is a seperate issue. I am proud of my family and friends. I am proud of their achievements. I have never been proud of this country that thinks it is better than other countries. That mentality is what causes xenophobia. No matter what you say xenophobia was kind of at the front of this. Its what more than a few people who voted had. Hatred of other countries/people is pathetic and if you have it then you need to know that you are a weak moron with no brain cells. Just because someone may have voted for political reasons there was a lot, whether you like it or not who voted because of xenophobia. Which will burn this world if you let it. We need to be united do they not see that? Some comments i have seen are just bizarre and horrifying. It churns my stomach. What are people proud of? They didnt earn this country. We got lucky being born here. Pure dumb luck. Thats why other people want to come here and we should let them as long as they are willing to work and take the jobs most people here arent in because they cant be arsed to be and are on benefits. They think that we are going to take back the Empire. This is so stupid its funny. The Empire didnt work and you are ridiculously mistaken if you think it could ever work again. There are countries that could wipe this petulant child of an island off the face of the Earth if they wanted to and we should respect and know that. There is no possible way of us getting that much power back ever. The Empire in the first place never worked thats why it failed. Look it up. If you try to control the world with one leader it breaks because its impossible. Hitler wanted to do the same thing. He failed. Look back through history i implore you. Its not ancient history. We made the eu to make things better after ww2. Now we are out and what for? Because some donkey brained maniac with no job hates people different to them.


This planet seems to have an endless supply of problems all stemming from humans. We as a people are stunted by wars our economy and constant hatred. We were meant for more than this..we are the smartest creatures on this planet. We got lucky to even evolve in to this. Our minds are capable of so much, except us clear minded people who have a peaceful unified vision of our species constantly see it fail whether it be in our media, values or lack of enthusiasm for unity. The species will die if we dont not remain a united world. It will perish. Ask yourself how hatred can be good for the future? This world had so many problems and it has just been added another close on our own doorstep. You want peace? Think about your decisions in the future, if we have one that is.

And finally…


A lot of you are mad about the negativity. But unfortunately this negativity is deserved. I have been breaking down so much because of the reasons above. There are many reasons to keep going still and many reasons to stay living here. But the subjects above terrify me and rightly so. Its harder and harder to just get on with it when every day something bad is revealed to us. Something horrible and sad. If this doesnt effect you then good for you. But allow us to voice our sadness and allow us to be rightly scared. Like ive said before  you can deny the facts but it doesnt make your denial the truth. This is possibly going to lead in to one of the most conflicting times our country has faced before.

I want to reiterate that the majority of people who voted leave did not vote for wrong reasons and a lot of them are not scum. They had reasonable arguments for why they wanted to leave and we should obviously try and remain peaceful as this is a democracy. But there is no hiding or denying that a percentage of that amount are horrible people and to me and many of my friends they are terrifying. We arent being over dramatic by crying or breaking down about this. Its a big change. Realise that.

For those on my level stay strong and remember what ever happens we have each other. That is the main thing. You have a right to be scared but its important not to let it consume you. There are your loved ones still around you and as hard as it may seem we can always move from this country if things get too bad. Still brightness in this world and I do think through unity we will be okay. Stay safe people all the love through this. Xoxo



RECAP: Our delightfully damaged heroine beat up some scum bags who were threatening an old man. Unfortunately one of the scum called Cole, got away and whilst Ivy was chilling, he came back with a small army of more scum! Ooh also Ivy has a lovely Alsatian called Ash who is most likely having a nap whilst Ivy does all the hard work…

Bad Taste In The Mouth

Bloodied Bat

The leader of the army and Cole’s uncle, Jonjo grunted. “Well. Did you threaten my nephew?!”

“Did i threaten him?” Ivy asked back casually swaying left to right. “Yes. Threatened i did and i probably killed a couple of his friends too. I put their bodies in the bins out back if you were looking for them.” She directed past Jonjo to Cole at the back who instantly hid his face. Ivy then took a step closer to Jonjo so she was inches away from him. “Just between me and you pal…” She whispered and winked. “Im going to kill your nephew first”.

Jonjo snorted and grinned showing blackened rotting teeth. “You do realize we are gonna come in there and kill you for what you’ve done dont you?”

“No. You are going to come in here and get beaten either half to death or fully to death depending on how i feel in the moment. I have had a really long day so i mean we have to factor in whether or not i can be bothered to cave your heads in. This is Banana by the way.” She grinned at the men, waving the weapon up and down jovially. “Pretty ain’t she?”

“You’re very funny.” Jonjo clapped and rubbed his hands together, clinking the knuckle dusters on them. “We will see how funny you can be when we are finished with you. You know you aint that bad lookin’ so i might let the boys have fun with you before i throttle you to death.”

“Ooh lucky me! You are such a charming individual i bet your mum is so proud. Well come on in then boys.” Ivy said walking in to the living room, followed by the men.


Ivy stood with her back to the balcony windows and rested her baseball bat on her shoulder. Jonjo let the others run at her first, all swinging their knives, planks and bats wildly at her. Ivy dodged each attack with unnatural grace, weaving and ducking her way through them until she reached Jonjo at the other end of the room who she caught by surprise and punched in the testicles. Jonjo fell to the ground in agony as Ivy leap frogged over another thug charging at her and flipped her way to Cole who was cowering at the back again. She finally swung her baseball bat in to his throat, cracking his neck as it impacted.


Cole fell to the floor gripping at his crushed windpipe and gasping for air. Ivy then turned to the shocked thirteen men crammed in to her living room and let out a sigh. A single twizzled pink hair strand dangling in front of her eyes. She huffed it away and then lowered her bat to Jonjo who was gazing up at Ivy as if he was captivated by the pain she had put him in.

“One thing i hate more than chavs Mr Jonjo… Are rapists. It wont end well for you.” Ivy spat through gritted teeth with a mad glaze in her eyes. She then breathed in deeply pushed her hair back slightly out of her face and ran at the men. Hopping over Jonjo she battered repeatedly the face of the first man to come at her causing his face to cave in. The second third and fourth charged and she spun around them knee capping one and moving on the next.

Grunts and screams of the men as they swung their weapons and had their bodies broken by Ivy were all that could be heard from the flat. Other residents poked their heads out peering from their doors in to Ivy’s open one. Occasionally a pink blur would dart past in the living room followed by a splatter of blood and a crashing of glass or other items that had become collateral. Jonjo finally got to his feet as Ivy broke the spine of the last remaining goon and then drop kicked him through the windows and over the balcony.

She was covered in sweat and blood splats and the still groaning men were writhing like worms in dirt upon her floor. Breathing heavily, mouth hung open slightly and hair completely in her eyes, Ivy turned her attention to the bewildered Jonjo who could hardly believe what had happened.

Jonjo shuddered and stepped backwards trying to ready himself. Ivy remained stationary waiting for him to make his move, her chest raising up and down rythmically. “You stupid fuckin’ bitch!” Jonjo roared in a broken voice having possibly lost his mind from watching his nephew and almost all of his gang die. He clenched his fists and in a fit of rage ran at her swinging left and right, cursing louder and louder with every move.


Ivy with ease stepped out of the way again and again until Jonjo exhausted himself. He stumbled tired and disorientated and Ivy took Banana and swung it under arm in to his genitals. Jonjo fell back in to the glass table shattering it and stabbing his own back. Ivy then stood in front of the bleeding crippled man and with all her force brought the bat down on his genitals again and again until there was nothing left but blood.

Jonjo had passed out by the fifth swing and Ivy dragged him over to the balcony where she threw him off down to the grotty courtyard below. One by one she threw the men to their deaths, ignoring their pleas for mercy. They had attacked her. Threatened her. It was their choice she kept telling herself. Their choice. After finishing her work, Ivy stood in her destroyed living room and dropped Banana to the floor. Her hands were trembling. There was nothing here now, she had to move on before the police came. The residents didnt have her name and the apartment block owner owed her a rather huge favour which is why she had been provided with the accomodation in the first place. Also in all fairness she had caused worst body counts and carnage up and down the country and not been caught yet and its not like the police would believe a young woman singlehandedly beat up thirteen men or so. By this time tomorrow Ivy would be out of the county and on her way.


She looked over to her room where Ash was and started towards it before suddenly feeling overwhelmingly dizzy. Ivy wobbled as her legs turned to jelly and her heart beated so fast it echoed in her head. “Oh.. oh shit.” She said falling to the floor and passing out.

End of part three…

Dying Bravely: Episode Two

Jacob’s bug eyes were jolting from person to person. He broke in to a sprint and turned every corner heading towards the smoke. Chaos. ‘No sirens, why aren’t there any sirens?’ He carried on all the way in to town, only having to break two or three times to catch his breath. Still no sirens. Many other people had caught on to this too and were running full pelt all around him. Jacob drowned out the voices all shouting at one another. All noise. The group of two hundred or more came to their first blockade. An entire four story office building collapsed on it’s side, which was large enough to block up the roads. People were hanging from the windows, some were scattered across the pavement and tarmac, dismembered or worst. Blood and fire was everywhere. Jacob helped where he could, dragging people from the rubble, trying to put out fires, comforting the dying.

It didnt seem real to him. This was not him. He didnt do this. This wasnt reality, this was, must have been a nightmare. This was false. Hours passed. There were still people trapped in the rubble. No authorities came. No sirens. As a few left to help in other areas or find loved ones, another few left to bring vans and tools to help at the scene. Twenty men, lead by a former fire fighter had driven to the fire station where they had found it abandonned. Returning with three fire engines they helped put out the numerous fires and used the ladders to reach people high up.

Eventually after four hours they believed they had rescued anyone still alive to rescue and most of the crowd, including Jacob moved on through and over collapsed alleys, demolished houses, a caved in sewer and a dozen or more shops that had been brought to rubble.

Corpses and limbs littered the streets.

The day went on. The dead far outweighed the living as the crowd got closer and closer to the crash site. Soon enough questions of “how could this happen?” Or “where are the authorities?” Became a thing of the past. Soon enough there weren’t many injured people lying amongst the army of bodies… No one left to save.

The darkened skies were now turning to dusk and what little sunlight they had was now replaced by torches and head flash lights. They had to abandon the fire engines when another road block stopped them from being brought around the wreckage and in to places of use. The former fireman who’s name Jacob believed was Oliver was a grizzled, towering, gruff man in his mid sixties, who had a rough face that time had not been kind to. As the journey went on Oliver had become the defacto leader due to his experience in fire and rescue, his medical training also helped too on more than one occasion.

Jacob was the first to set sights on the crash sight. A thick dry coat of dust and blood covering his body and his clothes. There was fire spread around the remnants of the black plane that had broken in half and folded like paper, the tail at a 90 degree angle poking from a meteoric dig in the ground facing the men and women.

“That cant have been any normal plane.” Oliver grumbled nearby Jacob. “To make an impact like this?”

The front end of the plane was on the other side of the giant blast zone shredded and ablaze. To the left and right of the blast zone emmerged the other groups of people who had been helping their way through the chaos. They silently nodded at eachother before looking down in to the pit of plane wreckage. “What do you reckon was in there then?” A man asked Jacob who was staring gormlessly in to the fire.

“I erm- im not sure.” Jacob replied caught off guard.

The man looked over at Oliver. “Its a military plane right, Oliver?”

Oliver nodded and walked over. It was at this point Jacob noticed that the leader of the group had been wearing what appeared to be a well fitted white shirt, black suit pants and smart shoes that were all now filthy and torn up.

“Aye it is.” Oliver snorted. “It’s a Boeing C-17 Globemaster III. Or was. Painted all black though… bit odd.”

“Maybe its some secret government black site thing like in America area 56 or whatever its called.” The man droned making Jacob think he was a simpleton.

A few others also walked over and gave their opinions. Jacob switched off and took a step towards the edge looking deep in to the chasm. There in the middle of the plane crash was a set of cargo containers which appeared to be ripped open with large claw marks in them.

Before Jacob could say anything a crackling came over on Oliver’s walkie talkie.

“Craven. It’s Alan. We’ve just been to the edge of town it’s not good.”

“What is it?” Oliver replied looking around at the others.

“We are being quarantined…” Alan sighed exasperated. “They are closing all exits to the town off. We are on our own.”

Jacob looked back in to the pit and clenched his fists until they turned white.


Part Three:

“Don’t wake up Penn. Stay with me.”
Her words ringing in my head are not useful right now. Right now I need to focus

Outside the Tea House we both stand. Mao is confused. He rarely is so I feel accomplished at making the lanky yet confident man anxious. I can tell by the look on his face that he is unsure of the situation at hand. He smirks at me after some amount of silence has gone by.

I don’t smirk back.

“Something amusing?” I ask him, stoically.

He nods, still smiling. “W- What is this?” He almost bursts out laughing. “Come on, did you have a bad opium trip last night or what? What’s with this shit Li?”

I just continue staring at him.

“So you kill one of your highest enforcers and his crew and then ask some child to let us know what you did and where to find you. Why?” He drops the smile but is still speaking jovially.

“Mao, when the day is done I will explain my actions and what caused them to only one man. Eiji.”

“Eiji?” He asks in disbelief whilst taking a step forward to me.

I nod once. “Eiji.”

“Eiji never comes to these filthy parts of the city, Li. You know that-”

“He will by the end of the day. He will have no choice.”

“But he’s- He’s an old man, what is going on?” He scoffs.

“I told you. I will only explain my actions to him, and him alone.”

He looks at me seriously now. “I see. You..  You know then?”

“Would you like to come in for a chat Mao?”

He looks over my shoulder at the Tea House and spits on to the floor.

“Thing is, if I go in there… I won’t come out.”

“Well… You won’t come out alive.”

He looks flustered. “It was an accident-”


“But they didn’t know it was-”

I break his nose to stop him from talking. He stumbles over himself and falls in a puddle, messing up his expensive over coat. After some groaning he gets up and walks past me in to the shop. Mao knows when to fight and when not to. He’ll put up a weak fight inside out of honour to himself, I would expect nothing less of him.

He takes a seat at the table that me and Lady sat at and I sit across from him. He holds his broken nose in one hand and tries to stop the blood gushing.

“I’m a message then?” He asks.

I nod.

“And you are going to deface my body somehow?”


He laughs. “What are you going to do? Hang me from the roof top?”

I stare at him quietly and he drops his smile.

“I’m not a fighter.” He whispers.

I lean forward. “I am.”

Mao sighs and leans back. “When you get the chance… Make it quick.”

“As you wish.” I reply whilst getting to my feet and making a clearing of tables. He slowly gets to his feet and walks over to me. He swings once and I dodge his fist, sending a punch towards his side. He leans over and grunts and I spin around him, placing a hand on the top of his head and another on his jaw. A quick snap later and he falls to his knees and then to the floor dead.

Mao’s body blows lightly in the wind. The noose around his neck keeps him hanging in front of the shop window and a few residents of the slums come out to see what’s happening. I exit the shop and walk to them.

“Spread the word!” I call out. “Li Penn has murdered Zin Mao!”

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