Some of you dont seem to be grasping why the people who voted remain are still angry and terrified. Heres a list to explain so you stop telling us to suck it up and get on with it. Another thing i hate is the “ooh everyones a politician all of a sudden”. So are we as a society not allowed to voice a basic or even well informed opinion on current events especially when they effect us so deeply? Is that so ridiculous to you? Also you are most likely smarter than a politician dont lower your self worth.

That link may come in handy.

Whilst reading this please remember the definition of the word SOME. It is very different to the word ALL:

Ill start with the most personal reason to me…


No. Not everyone who voted leave is racist. But we are (especially me being someone of ethnic descent with dark skin) terrified by the large amount of racist views and opinions voiced by a lot of people during the last few weeks. An awful lot of people showed how ignorant they were and its heartbreaking. But what also scares us, is that some of our friends and family members are voicing opinions that sound similair and voting alongside these people. When you say “take our country back” you may be saying it regarding politicians ect. But the lines get blurred when there are other people abusing hard working immigrants that they are “taking their country back” from them and that “they should prepare to go home”. It may not be scary to some of you and as race cardy as this may seem that is because a lot of white people do not have this fear here. Put yourself in our shoes. We get attacked because the colour of our skin or where we come from, we now have reason to be scared just to walk through a main city incase someone physically attacks us based on our skin. These idiots dont know that i was born here or that i am half English. They just see my skin. Thats the reality that has been presented to us. Many times I have experienced racism which is one of the most bewildering and horrifying things to go through. Some randomer hating you and calling you names just because of your colour? It is idiocy at its purest. We have a right to be scared by this and voice our fear that some people we know voted alongside these people for reasons that sound on surface similair. When you are saying “take our country back” all in unison with these people it gives right wing political leaders (across the world now) power even if you dont mean it to. And worst of all the media plays on our fears and prejudices, focuses them and turns them in to more fears and prejudices. Even my old neighbour was going off about immigrants saying they needed to get out and get their own jobs. He was saying this to my mother casually who he somehow didnt realize is an immigrant and is the only reason i am here in the first place. Shes one of the nicest and hardest working people i know. Im also now semi afraid to even post my views now incase i get attacked for them. Which is horrible. Like mental health issues, Its alright saying just get on with racism when its not you its happening to 🙂


Why a lot of us are calling left voters idiots. Aside from the above reasoning this is mainly because a lot of people who voted either were racist, didnt listen to our advice and the truth, they didnt know what they were doing or they just listened to false propaganda set up by bigots such as Farage who has already admitted he lied (as he and a lot of the leave front have done NUMEROUS times in the past). And a lot of people are now apologizing for voting leave and are saying they had wished they had voted differently. This is why we are angry. Because it shows stupidity. We warned them again and again and again that things would go bad, we showed them facts and figures again and again. But they didnt listen and now things are already falling. You would do the same to your friend or a family member if they didnt listen to logical advise and made a bad decision, yes? But this isnt like one of those times. This isnt small scale. This is a change in history its not something we get over easily. You wouldnt apologize to someone after setting them on fire would you. You just dont set them on fire in the first place. Also a lot of people in my life who were asked why they were voting leave gave nonsensical answers some that would make you laugh.

People have been saying the likes of we dont like being told what to do, we need to make britian great again, im a patriot, we need the empire back, eu forces laws on us, we need to blah blah blah which in all honesty is false. Any law the eu has made has been incredibly beneficial to us as a people. Why did you think we are slowly becoming a greener more recyclable society among other things such as workers rights? Britain was doing oryte. Its now wrong. Another thing is some leave voters literally only voted because of immigration without even thinking or acknowledging the devestating problems that would happen to our politics, nhs, economy, farmers, businesses, travel (even though they go to benidorm every year without fail or hassle that they will now face) and education funding. Also their opinions on immigration were ill informed as per the link at the top of the page. They didnt think. What do you call someone who doesnt think? An idiot. May i add Its also annoying how a lot of people are blindly refusing to accept their mistake. Just accept it that things may not have turned out how you wanted.


So this is a tricky one, but it boils down to this. The majority of voters for leave were old. This is blame on both sides as a lot of young people didnt vote to counter this. But the reason we are angry at some old people is that one) they will die soon so should have thought harder than just making a major decision based on false propoganda. Two) a lot of them only made a decision based on false propoganda. This is the truth. Whether your grandparents did it for a sounder reason it doesnt mean that others did too. Ive spoken to old people, seen videos, heard them out and about speaking about this. They dont all have good reasons. Its all very positive thinking “ooh well they cant all have done it just because immigrants” but that doesnt make it easier to swallow. Some grandparents in this country will have old values. I will admit that, as much as i love and miss her, if my grandma was still alive she could probably have voted leave too based solely on immigration even though her daughter-in-law was an immigrant… Hence why we are upset and mad.


This kinda links to name calling but it is a seperate issue. I am proud of my family and friends. I am proud of their achievements. I have never been proud of this country that thinks it is better than other countries. That mentality is what causes xenophobia. No matter what you say xenophobia was kind of at the front of this. Its what more than a few people who voted had. Hatred of other countries/people is pathetic and if you have it then you need to know that you are a weak moron with no brain cells. Just because someone may have voted for political reasons there was a lot, whether you like it or not who voted because of xenophobia. Which will burn this world if you let it. We need to be united do they not see that? Some comments i have seen are just bizarre and horrifying. It churns my stomach. What are people proud of? They didnt earn this country. We got lucky being born here. Pure dumb luck. Thats why other people want to come here and we should let them as long as they are willing to work and take the jobs most people here arent in because they cant be arsed to be and are on benefits. They think that we are going to take back the Empire. This is so stupid its funny. The Empire didnt work and you are ridiculously mistaken if you think it could ever work again. There are countries that could wipe this petulant child of an island off the face of the Earth if they wanted to and we should respect and know that. There is no possible way of us getting that much power back ever. The Empire in the first place never worked thats why it failed. Look it up. If you try to control the world with one leader it breaks because its impossible. Hitler wanted to do the same thing. He failed. Look back through history i implore you. Its not ancient history. We made the eu to make things better after ww2. Now we are out and what for? Because some donkey brained maniac with no job hates people different to them.


This planet seems to have an endless supply of problems all stemming from humans. We as a people are stunted by wars our economy and constant hatred. We were meant for more than this..we are the smartest creatures on this planet. We got lucky to even evolve in to this. Our minds are capable of so much, except us clear minded people who have a peaceful unified vision of our species constantly see it fail whether it be in our media, values or lack of enthusiasm for unity. The species will die if we dont not remain a united world. It will perish. Ask yourself how hatred can be good for the future? This world had so many problems and it has just been added another close on our own doorstep. You want peace? Think about your decisions in the future, if we have one that is.

And finally…


A lot of you are mad about the negativity. But unfortunately this negativity is deserved. I have been breaking down so much because of the reasons above. There are many reasons to keep going still and many reasons to stay living here. But the subjects above terrify me and rightly so. Its harder and harder to just get on with it when every day something bad is revealed to us. Something horrible and sad. If this doesnt effect you then good for you. But allow us to voice our sadness and allow us to be rightly scared. Like ive said before  you can deny the facts but it doesnt make your denial the truth. This is possibly going to lead in to one of the most conflicting times our country has faced before.

I want to reiterate that the majority of people who voted leave did not vote for wrong reasons and a lot of them are not scum. They had reasonable arguments for why they wanted to leave and we should obviously try and remain peaceful as this is a democracy. But there is no hiding or denying that a percentage of that amount are horrible people and to me and many of my friends they are terrifying. We arent being over dramatic by crying or breaking down about this. Its a big change. Realise that.

For those on my level stay strong and remember what ever happens we have each other. That is the main thing. You have a right to be scared but its important not to let it consume you. There are your loved ones still around you and as hard as it may seem we can always move from this country if things get too bad. Still brightness in this world and I do think through unity we will be okay. Stay safe people all the love through this. Xoxo