Part Four:


We stand side by side against the trench as they instruct us to. The rain pounding upon mine and my friends helmets and faces. I think of her laying in the white silk dress against those black bed sheets. The black skies let no light through. The only illumination is the flash of gunfire and bombs from over no man’s land.

The man to my right pisses himself from fear. The Captain is barking orders at us but we dont listen. Not that we could listen with the amount of earth shaking noise happening. And also why should we listen? We know what plan is. We stand still our eyes fixed upon the edge of the trench. The rickety ladders trembling with every bomb blast. Allied planes fly above our heads rattling bullets in to the enemy. So much noise. So much death.

“Charge!” My ears tune to the Captain’s roars and my heart almost stops. My gut is churning and my brain is telling me to stop. But my body is moving forward at rapid speed. I cannot stop. This is the war. I climb the ladder. This is the day of reckoning. I reach the top. This is the time of-

It is destruction on a biblical scale. The bullets whizz past my head and i scream.